Clinical Seminars

Clinical Seminars » The Greats in Vision Therapy with Dr. Ted Kadet and Lisa Knopp

Topic: Fireside Chat Interview of Dr. Ted Kadet by Lisa Knopp.   Lisa Knopp, COVT Bio Lisa Knopp, COVT is the Lead Vision Therapist at Hope Clinic in Bellevue and Practice Facilitator of the three Hope Clinics after a fulfilling career as an elementary school teacher and director of reading centers. She completed her BA […]

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Clinical Seminars » Multisensory Model Neurological Implications for Improved Success + Treatment

Join us for 4 hours of Monday lunch talks with Dr. Randy Schulman for an informative discussion and recommendations for patient treatments without interrupting your work schedule. 4 CE credit hours.     Randy Schulman, MS, OD, FCOVD, FCSO Bio Dr. Schulman graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Bachelor […]

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Clinical Seminars » Don Lyon: Ocular or Systemic Disease-Based Binocular Vision Cases

Topic Ocular or Systemic disease-based binocular vision cases: Discuss uncommon BV symptoms and conditions related to pathology Bio Don Lyon, OD Dr. Lyon is the Director of Residencies and Director of the Concussion Care Service for the Indiana University School of Optometry. He graduated with his O.D. degree from IUSO in 1999, completed a pediatric […]

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Clinical Seminars » Alzheimer’s and Dementia Change Everything

Topic Alzheimer's and dementia patients have visual needs that the optometrist can address in the office, long term care facilities and homes.  An overview of the different types of dementia, prevalence and progressive stages of impairment will be completed. This course will review age related, chronic and acute visual conditions and detail effective management strategies […]

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Clinical Seminars » Technology Used As Alley Of Traditional VT

Topic While technology does not supplant the traditional equipment used, it can enhance the therapeutic gains and encourage patients to try their hardest. This lecture will discuss some of the newest and coolest technology found in VT offices. Bio Dr. Marc B. Taub, OD, MS, FAAO, FCOVD Dr. Marc Taub is a professor and Chief […]

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