Clinical Curriculum » COPE Accredited CE Course: The Art & Science of Optometric Care – A Behavioral Perspective Aug-2023

"How everything simply linked together. The AH-HA moments. The tools and now at our hands reach to build on, to experiment with and to marvel at the change that's possible in each and every person's life. I'm very excited. So COOL 🙂

Speakers easy to follow, held my attention, concise to the point presenter.

Dr Geoff did a wonderful job at changing my model of vision. Like him, I was ready to let go whatever school model of vision was with me. It completely changed my perspective in prescribing and excited to put it into practice back at the clinic. I can say that I am more confident in prescribing now, knowing the power ranges available, and that there is no specific lens for each person. Like he always say, "It's not what the lens does to a person, but what the person does to a lens". I understood vision in a behavioral perspective and answered my 'whys' to every patient case I have encountered."


Conferences » Northeast Congress of Optometry

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Conferences » Colorado Vision Training Conference

Colorado Vision Training Conference will be held from September 22nd to 24th, 2023. Speaker Dr. Phil Bugaiski, Save the date, To Register please follow the link below: