Clinical Seminars » Brain-based Therapies – 2×2-hour workshop Drs. DeAnn Fitzgerald and Amy Thomas


Register here Description: 2x2-hour workshop on Brain-based Therapies: Knowing How to Boost Your Therapies When Your Patient Gets Stuck with Drs. DeAnn Fitzgerald and Amy Thomas. The first session will be July 11th with the second session being July 18th. Each session is 8-10pm EST Have you ever worked with a patient who just could […]

$25 – $135

Clinical Seminars » VT Fundamentals interactive workshop for hands-on therapy training


Register Here Description: This Interactive VT Workshop will Dissect VT procedure to look at effective variations/modifications that worked. Troubleshooting Your VT: A Deep Dive into Making VT Successful for Your Patients Focus will be on: •Review of Skeffington and Getman Models of Vision •Review of Optometrist’s Examination Findings •Discussion of Optometric Goals •Discussion of Patient […]

Clinical Curriculum » COPE Accredited CE Course: The Art & Science of Optometric Care – A Behavioral Perspective Aug-2023

"How everything simply linked together. The AH-HA moments. The tools and now at our hands reach to build on, to experiment with and to marvel at the change that's possible in each and every person's life. I'm very excited. So COOL 🙂

Speakers easy to follow, held my attention, concise to the point presenter.

Dr Geoff did a wonderful job at changing my model of vision. Like him, I was ready to let go whatever school model of vision was with me. It completely changed my perspective in prescribing and excited to put it into practice back at the clinic. I can say that I am more confident in prescribing now, knowing the power ranges available, and that there is no specific lens for each person. Like he always say, "It's not what the lens does to a person, but what the person does to a lens". I understood vision in a behavioral perspective and answered my 'whys' to every patient case I have encountered."


Clinical Seminars » Autism and Vision latest research with Dr. Annette Bade


Register here Annette Bade, O.D., M.S., FAAO, Annette Bade, O.D., M.S., FAAO is a professor at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry. Since the beginning of her academic career, she has focused on research and has served as the Clinical Research Coordinator and Co-investigator for various nationally funded research grants. She also has served […]

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Clinical Curriculum » VT/Visual Dysfunctions – (VT-1)

"It was interesting to learn about procedures that I was not familiar with, and also how to adjust a procedure or program for a child vs. and adult vs. an athlete, vs. a child with learning challenges. It was also wonderful to see a variety of "patients" performing the procedures during the course, both adults and children, and to hear and see their responses."

Cathleen Doucette, OD

Conferences » Southern California Regional Vision Therapists Forum

The Southern California Regional Vision Therapists Forum will precede the Wold Behavioral Seminar. The two events will be held October 27-30, 2023 at the Island Palms Hotel in San Diego. The speaker for the Vision Therapists Forum is Juliet Machado, but the speaker for the Wold is scheduled to be Dr. Charles Shidolfsky with the […]