Title Author
A Model of Visual Imagery

John Abbondanza

A Novel Contribution to the Optometric Rehabilitation of Amblyopia

Deborah Zelinsky

ABI/TBI Induced Vision Impairments Addressed in a Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Setting

Steen Aalberg


Dan Barry

Astigmatism...with a Twist

Steve Gallop

Attention and Memory Training in an Optometric Neuro-Rehabilitation Practice: Introduction to Stress-Point Training

Ray Gottlieb

Benefits, Rewards and Inventions from Working in an Acute Care Rehabilitation Hospital

Thomas Politzer

Brain Injuries Change Lives

Janet Stumbo

Clinical Testing and Treatment of Infantile Strabismus

Curtis R. Baxstrom

Consequences of Neuro-Visual Processing Dysfunction Affecting Balance, Posture & Spatial Orientation (Visual Midline Shift Syndrome)

William Padula

Create Your Successful Vision Therapy Practice

Lynn Hellerstein

Determination of Cognitive Processing Styles Using Colour Visual Field Analysis and Perceptual Scores

Denise Hadden

Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Balance Disorders: The interaction of visual, vestibular and somatosensory systems

Victoria Graham

Dizziness, Disorientation, and Imbalance - Optometric Roots in ABI - Acquired Vertical Phorias

Penelope Suter

Driver Rehabilitation Following Brain Injury: A Collaborative Effort

Lee Hirsch

Dynamic Aspects of Accommodation and Vergence in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Diana Ludlam

Effects of Refractive Surgery on Binocular Vision: Pre- and Post- LASIK Values

Jesus Espinoze

Egocentric Localization: Basic Aspects, Interpretations, and Clinical Implications

Kenneth Ciuffreda

Enhancing Synaptic Plasticity and Visual Acuity in a Rodent Model of Amblyopia

Elizabeth "Betsy" Quinlan, PhD

Examining the 6-month and 3-year old

Paul Harris

Fixing my Gaze: Vision Therapy for Strabismus

Susan Barry

Gait Assessment of Neurologically Challenged Patients

Cathelyn Timple

Improvements in Performance following Optometric Vision Therapy in a child with Dyspraxia

Caroline Hurst

Infant Reflexes

Keith Holland

Kraskin Memorial Lecture: Paths to Managing Strabismus and Amblyopia

Nathan Flax

Learning Related Visual Problems in Baltimore City - A Long-Term Project

Paul Harris

Lens Application for Clinical Management of Cyclovertical Deviation Associated with Vestibular Function, Proprioception, Oculomotor Skills and Emotion

Joel Warshowsky

Logistic support for the Behavioral optometrist, Group vs. One-on-One VT, Both Types of VT can be Successful?

Stefan Collier

Management of Progressive Myopia

Paul Harris


Edwin R Howell

Myopia and Nutrition

Gary Kappel

Neuroplasticity - A Paradigm Sea Change

Dominick Maino

Optometry's Role: Using a Trans-Disciplinary Approach for Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Patricial Lemer


Paul Harris

Post-trauma vision syndrome: “myopia” AND accommodative insufficiency?

Steve Leslie

Predicting Reading Speed in Above Average Readers with Clinical Measures of Accommodation

Chris Chase

Primary Variabilities of Movement and Optometric Vision Therapy

Caroline Hurst

Quantum Optics - Visuo-Somatic Realignment - QO-VSR

Michael Christian

Remote Treatment of Intermittent Central Suppression Improves Quality of Life Measures

Eric Hussey

Results of a study into effects of home based visual therapy

Leonard Fine

Retinoscopy Observations Lead to Better Understanding of Human Performance

Glen T Steele

Short and Long-Term Effects of a Vision Intervention Program on Academic Performance Among Primary School Children in Malaysia

Chen, Ai Hong

Skeffington Symposium Paper 1984 - The Evolution of a Model

Paul Harris

So, What has Vision Done for me Lately?

Robert Hohendorf

Successful Strabismus Therapy

Donald Getz

Survey of Research on Child and Vision Development

Steen Aalberg

The Art and Science of Case Presentations

Paul Harris

The COVD-QOL - A Tool for Behavioral Optometry

WC Maples

The Diary of an Expert Witness

Nancy Torgerson

The Effectiveness of a Group Delivered Vision Therapy Program

Willard Bleything

The Fundamental Role of Vision in Cognition, Behavior, and Social Organization

James Sheedy

The Link between Retinoscopy, Vision and Social, Emotional and Cognitive Milestones

Glen Steele

The Neural Substrate of Vision and Behavior

Paul Harris

The well-baby vision examination

Francoise Rateau

Toddler Kindy Gymbaroo

Margaret Sasse

Traveling Zero to One Thousand Within a School Zone - Visual Learning/Development in a Group Setting within an Inner City School

Martha Gooden-Lewis

Turn-Key System for Developmental Assessment of Oculomotor and Perceptual Factors

Graham Peachey

Unilateral Spatial Inattention

Robert Sanet

Using the Balance Board in Therapy

Susan Wenberg

Vision Development Activities for Human Intelligence

Gregory Kitchener

Vision Therapy for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stacey Coulter

Vision, Posture, Balance, Spatial Orientation and It's Relationship to Function

Janet Berthiaume

Visual Field Defects in Neuro-Optometric Practice: Assessment and Management

Stephen Leslie

When we Diagnose an Eye Problem, is the Cause Really in the Eyes?

Simon Grbevski


Janet Stumbo

Who Fails Vision Therapy - the Patient or the Therapist?

Beverley Roberts