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The Fantastic Elastic Brain How to Empower Your Child’s Mind9


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by Betsy Schooley

The Fantastic Elastic Brain covers many topics pertinent to optometrists, vision development and vision therapy. This book explains how visual problems develop and how parents can begin at birth to be sure their own child does not develop vision difficulties from feeding, crawling, or retained reflexes. It gives examples of how vision therapy used in behavioral optometry retrains the brain to perform visual skills more effectively.

Two chapters are devoted to eyesight, vision, visual skills, amblyopia, strabismus, and vision therapy. Other chapters relate to our field including retained reflexes, dyslexia, autism, educational kinesiology and Balametrics. Nearly every chapter has accompanying brain activities and exercises.

This book is very readable for patients and parents of patients in vision therapy in your office as an explanation of why vision therapy is needed and what can be accomplished. It should be in every optometrist’s office.


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