Crossed and Lazy Eyes

Crossed & Lazy Eyes – Myths, Misconceptions and Truths

By Pilar Vergara

Translation by Linda Sanet

For those searching for the evidence base for the optometric care of strabismus and amblyopia, look no further.  

"In her book, Pilar Vergara puts parents behind the eyes of their children with amblyopia and strabismus so they can understand how they see. She discusses, in lay terms, the causes and symptoms of amblyopia and strabismus, the effects of these disorders on a person's self confidence, and their ability to perform well in school and sports.

She carefully explains different treatment options for these disorders ranging from the traditional medical approaches, such as patching and surgery, to more innovative and more effective treatmetns, such as the  use of different kinds of lenses, filters, syntonic phototherapy, and optometric vision therapy.

Her statements are backed up with an extensive list of validating scientific research references in the appendix. Pilar uses her 25 years of clinical experience with hundreds of patients, as well as the experiences of other behavioral optometrists worldwide, to illustrate that a child or adult does not have to live with the deficits and disadvantages resulting from amblyopia or strabismus."  

-- Susan R. Barry, PhD.  Professor of Biology and Neuroscience, Mount Holyoke College, USA