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A Parent Guide to Strabismus, Eye Muscle Surgery, & Vision Therapy


A Parent Guide to Strabismus, Eye Muscle Surgery, & Vision Therapy by Steven J. Gallop, OD

Dr. Gallop’s second book describes, in a clear and straightforward manner, a non invasive and effective approach to the treatment of strabismus and amblyopia using lenses and vision therapy. This book is a must read for anyone who suffers from a crossed or lazy eye and for the parents of a child with these conditions — Susan R. Barry, PhD

This book is a great resource for parents and patients who are considering their options and looking for more information. It is also a valuable reference book for optometrists to loan to their patients who are considering vision therapy as a treatment option for strabismus.

Chapter 1) The Visual Process

Chapter 2) Why Things Go Wrong

Chapter 3) Where Do I Turn for Help?

Chapter 4) Vision Therapy

Chapter 5) Lenses

Chapter 6) Eye Muscle Surgery

Chapter 7) What to Look For

Chapter 8) Vision Therapy Stories


Softbound, 94 pages, Copyright OEP Foundation @ 2014

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