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Amblyopia Online Lecture Series 6-hour course divided in 3×2 hours w


A 6-hour lecture series on diagnosis and treatment of amblyopia. Amblyopia is a common cause of vision impairment in children, which can impact their entire life. Luckily it can be diagnosed and treated early. Unfortunately, there are times when the diagnosis of amblyopia is made, when in actuality the vision loss is from pathology. The first talk will discuss the definition of amblyopia. Review the potential mimics of amblyopia and review who to properly diagnose the condition. The second talk will start to discuss the various treatment methods available to optometrists and review the clinical scientific evidence we have to manage this condition. The third talk will continue the discussion of treatment, and while there will be cases presented throughout the lecture series we will highlight cases that continue to push the diagnosis and treatment of this common childhood condition.