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Autism: Neurological Research and Neuro-Developmental Therapy


By Svea J. Gold

Too many children who are simply poorly organized neurologically are labeled autistic. On the other hand, there are many labeled “emotionally disturbed” or “behavior problem child” who could get help if their behavior was recognized as falling within the vast spectrum of autism. This ranges in intensity from complete withdrawal to ADD. Neurologists have mapped the function of just about every millimeter of the brain, but we tend to forget that everything in the brain interacts, and what is more important, that there is a whole child attached to this brain! Svea Gold has collected much of this research and juxtaposed the findings with the work of those who have actually worked with and changed the lives of autistic children. This video describes the techniques she has found to help autistic children to function in our world. It includes the research, the therapeutic whole-brain approach and the techniques she uses to test each child to discover the causes of their problem and to determine the methods most likely to help each particular child. 67 minutes.

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