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Childhood Learning – Journey or Race?


By John Streff, O.D. and Ellen Gunderson, M.Ed. A book for every adult involved in any way with children. Authors Streff and Gundersen have spent their entire careers focusing on how children learn – Dr. Streff at Yale University’s Gesell Institute and in schools and clinics in the U.S., Prof. Gundersen in schools and clinics in the U.S. And Norway. Children in schools across America often struggle to learn; educators do their best to cope and parents worry. Each year, the labels change but each year the problem of how best to help our youngsters is a daunting challenge. From the chapters, “Teaching Young Children,” and “The Role of Movement in Learning,” to “The Logic of Behavior,” this book is a unique guide. As Dr. Streff explains, working at “…the level of how a child sees and understands the world” is the key element in changing childhood learning from a race that is exhausting and fruitless to a valuable, successful journey for all. Softbound, 86 pages.

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