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Object: A bingo type activity with playing cards for more than one player. Each picture on the card is to be matched with one shown. The squares may be covered with Necco wafers, Wheat Thins, poker chips, checkers, etc. For a group game, have the children take turns, each child getting one turn until the game card is covered. This game allows the use of each eye independently - if the picture on the game sheet is seen by the right eye, the playing card picture is seen by the left eye. The caller's card will be seen by the opposite eye of the one on the player card. Includes:  3 sets of picture match cards (set of 9 cards for the 3x3 square game cards; set of 16 cards for the 4x4 square game cards; set of 25 cards for the 5x5 square game cards), 3 sets of playing cards (3x3 squares (24 cards); 4x4 squares (10 cards); 5x5 squares (10 cards).