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Dreaming in the Land of Can – Sleep Music Inspired by the Kingdom of Should


Does your child have trouble sleeping? We have an answer…

Dreaming in The Land of Can: Music specifically designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Dreaming in The Land of Can’s therapeutic music has been proven to help promote deep and relaxing sleep not only for people with ASD, but for anyone who has trouble falling asleep

Dreaming in The Land of Can, an exceptional and innovative therapeutic tool to promote deep, restful and relaxing sleep. Joe Romano created this music CD through his work as a Developmental Music therapist. Joe realized that before he could start many of his sessions, he had to help children and/or adults slow down their heart rate and brain activity so they could focus and concentrate in order to learn and develop.

Joe initially began designing this program during his work with children and adults with autism, developmental delays, attentional issues, learning difficulties and cognitive impairments. Joe started using his therapeutically designed sounds during music therapy sessions to promote relaxation and learning readiness. He soon realized his compositions would also help people fall asleep.

In addition to the positive effects this music has had with people managing autism spectrum challenges, yoga groups have used Joe’s musical soundscapes to help them control their breathing patterns so they could better concentrate on specific body movements.

The music and soundscapes are all original pieces, composed, arranged and performed by Joe Romano. His retro-classical style uses specific note patterns, rhythmic patterns and sound frequencies from various violins and cellos, French horns, pianos and percussion instruments, as well as sounds of the outdoors to change the heart rate and facilitate learning, rest, relaxation and deep sleep.

Joe Romano is a Developmental Music Therapist. He works extensively with people managing autism spectrum challenges such as developmental delays, learning difficulties, behavior problems as well as PANS/PANDAS-related challenges. Joe uses music, movement and visual processing techniques to engage those who have difficulty integrating the world around them with their inner processes. Joe also works closely with Dr. Steve Gallop to ensure that children are being properly assesssed for visual development issues.

Running Time: 44 minutes

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