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eBook Know Before You Go: Vision Therapy a Graphic Novel



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Sam’s mother informs him that he is starting Vision Therapy soon, but he has so many questions about what to expect. Where will he go? What will he do? How will it help him? During a magical evening, he encounters Opti, a wise owl, who helps Sam turn his creative imagination into realistic answers. Using vibrant and humorous pictures, this graphic novel helps to ease patient anxiety, while also helping parents understand the Vision Therapy process.



Debra Greer is a mother of three who understands the anxiety and confusion young patients and their families feel before starting Vision Therapy. After a decade as a Vision Therapist, she was inspired to combine her love of art and knowledge of the VT process. She hopes this graphic novel helps new patients become more excited about VT. Debra lives in West Michigan with her husband and children, where she enjoys gardening, crafting, and tending to her growing gaggle of ducks.

By Debra Greer

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