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eBook – Vision The Forgotten Sense



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by Ken Lane

In a blink of an eye the brain can recognize letters in a written word and in two blinks an eye, can identify a word and decide when and where to move for the next fixation.

What makes the amazing achievement of word recognition possible is the parallel processing between the visual, phonological, memory, and visual attention networks. For decades, the visual system has been the “the forgotten sense” in contributing to word recognition. This is now changing due to MRI research studies. In this book, Vision the Forgotten Sense for Enhancing Reading Efficiency, Dr. Lane, uses his 30 years of experience working with children with reading difficulties, supported by 200 references combined with to answer the following questions:

Does vision therapy train visual attention?

Why does increasing the visual attention span by one letter increase reading speed by 39%?

Why does only 10 minutes of vision therapy decrease the duration of fixation and increase reading speed?

His latest book, Vision the Forgotten Sense for Enhancing Reading Efficiency, is really two books in one. The first half discusses visual processing in written word recognition. The second half offers new vision therapy procedures to train the following areas:

Visual Search

Selective Attention

Multi-object Tracking

Sustained Attention

Executive Attention

Executive Memory

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