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eBook Visual Training Preliminary Considerations Part 1



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This project was brought to the Optometric Extension Program Foundation by
Dr. Sue Barry many years ago. She had in her possession two pieces of writing from
Dr. Fred Brock was originally published starting in 1947 in Optometric Weekly. The
writing took place over the course of a decade and was completed in 1957. Dr. Barry,
unfortunately, was missing part three and came to another member of the OEPF team
to help find the missing part. I was brought into the project as I was getting involved in
helping the organization produce new books. Luckily, I work at Southern College of
Optometry, which was founded in 1932, and the library still held the entire series from
Dr. Brock.

Before the project could begin, we needed to make sure that OEPF could legally
publish the material. Point of fact, material published before 1978 has a copyright of
95 years! To get permission, I started tracking the publisher of Optometric Weekly, which became Optometric Monthly. In the 1970s, the publisher ceased to exist, making the journal an orphan. To be extra careful, I wanted to get permission from Dr. Brock’s
family. With luck, I was able to track down a family member living in an assisted living
facility in the northeast … it was Dr. Brock’s 90-something-year-old daughter! She was
so thrilled to hear from me and quite shocked. She was happy to give permission to
publish the material once again and said that her father would be thrilled that someone
still cared about him and his work. I thanked her profusely and did a happy dance.
What you hold in your hands is the first of three parts that will be brought to you
over the next three years, one per year. The entire series was identified in the Optometric
Weekly volumes and scanned. The text was converted from PDF to a Microsoft Word
document format and checked for accuracy by student volunteers. The images were
scanned and amazingly fixed by Phillip Tribble in the publication department at SCO.
The tables were recreated as well. Dr. Mark Dean and I both edited the text, correcting
obvious mistakes in the production process and errors from the original publication but
essentially changing very little. This has become a passion project. It was interrupted by a pandemic and other personal projects, but I kept coming back to it. After five years, I am thrilled to make this work by Dr. Fred Brock once again available to the general public. Look for the next two volumes in the coming years! Seventy years after their first publication, OEPF is thrilled to present the works of Dr. Fred Brock.

by Frederick W. Brock, D.O.S

Edited by Marc Taub, OD, MS, EdD

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