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Effective Strabismus Therapy


By Israel Greenwald, O.D.

Chapters: Visual Pathway Physiology and its Relationship to Strabismus; Anomalous Movement and Anomalous Correspondence; Reverse and Overcorrecting Prisms; Form Free Training for the Anomalous Corresponder; Theoretical Considerations of Eccentric Fixation; Eccentric Fixation: Diagnosis and Treatment (Parts 1 & 2); Therapeutic Techniques in Eccentric Fixation; Supplemental Techniques in Eccentric Fixation; Supportive Techniques in the Correction of Eccentric Fixation; Research, Diagnostic and Treatment Aspects of Ocular Motilities in Strabismus; Accommodation in Strabismus and Amblyopia: Diagnostic Characteristics and Treatment; Basic Training Procedures: Disruption and Binocularity; Binocular Training Procedures (Parts 1, 2 & 3); Binasal Occlusion and Other Aspects of Binocularity; Binocular Training: Concluding Remarks; Nystagmus; Alternating Hypertropias; Vertical Tropias and Other Aspects of Strabismic Therapy; Neurological and Pathological Aspects of Strabismus; Contributions of Fredrick W. Brock, O.D.

Softbound, 174 pages.

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