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Eyes on Track: A Manual to Improve Vision Processing


Millions of students of ALL AGES, many with 20/20 eyesight, have “educational near vision” problems that interfere with their school success. EYES ON TRACK TM is a breakthrough book for parents and teachers to identify and help students that struggle with reading. Dr. Kristy Remick shares with readers her 30 years of experience helping students overcome reading difficulties and enabling them to reach their true potential.

Featured is a new EYES ON TRACK TM Detection Screening that is easy to use in the classroom and identifies left eye dominant students (LEDs), and EYE TRACKING and VISION PROCESSING problems. Left eye dominant students (LEDs) often struggle to read. Most teachers and parents do not know that it is important to check for eye dominance. EYES ON TRACK TM offers 16 innovative VISION PRACTICES that help to develop EYE TRACKING and VISION PROCESSING skills that create a foundation for successful learning.

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