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Focus Charts – Math, Symbol & Phonetic Focus (Set of 3)


By Sarah Cobb

Math – Double sided distance chart of numbers and letters with two corresponding nearpoint cards for far-near-far and scanning therapy procedures. Several procedures and combinations of procedures are possible, allowing the patient to perform tasks incorporating visual scanning and mathematical sequencing and problem-solving.

Phonetic – These far-near focus charts were designed with the reading-disabled therapy patient in mind. When an initial letter group from the near chart is read with an accompanying letter group from the distance chart, a word is formed. Multiple word combinations are possible. The charts aid in the treatment of accommodation, convergence and suppression.

Symbol – These far-near focus charts are for the development of greater accommodative facility and to train sequential memory, visualization and fixations.

Includes 1 each of Math, Phonetic & Symbol Focus laminated distance charts and 2 each of Math, Phonetic & Symbol Focus laminated near charts with instructions.

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