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Guidelines for Clinical Testing, Lens Prescribing and Vision Care: A Field Manual in Clinical Optometry


By Earl P. Schmitt, O.D., M.Ed., D.O.S. This book is the basic manual on clinical testing, lens prescribing and vision care. A systemized clinical approach was developed and built around the basic physiological principles of accommodation and convergence. This testing sequence, often referred to as the 21-Point Analytical Examination, was developed by A.M. Skeffington, O.D. A handbook describing this approach to functional vision anomalies was first published in 1935 and is updated to blend the basic principles of nearpoint analysis with language in current use in health care delivery. Chapters include basic principles, examination techniques and procedures, analysis of the data, case diagnosis, therapeutic options and estimations for prognosis. Includes an appendix, suggested reading and an index. Softbound, 84 pages.

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