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How we See -The Dyop Test and the Evolution of Understanding Vision – Free Course


In 2007 Allan Hytowitz discovered a new form of a dynamic optotype, called a Dyop®, which is a spinning, segmented visual target. A Dyop functions much as the visual equivalent to an audio tuning fork, using Resonance Acuity. The adjustable Dyop angular arc width can precisely measure acuity endpoints and refractions independent of literacy, culture, or age (such as with infants). The spinning Dyop gaps/segments provide a strobic stimulus to the foveal photoreceptors as they respond to the saccade-induced photoreceptor refresh rate. A Dyop may also be varied by contrast, color, or rotational velocity to assess acuity variances. Previously Allan was an award-winning Executive Recruiter and manager for 40 years specializing in sales, marketing, and engineering opportunities within the chemical and plastics industries, having also previously spent 6 years in pharmaceutical sales.