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Indicators of Primitive and Postural Reflexes Assessment (IPPRA)


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An Interview with the author:

This is a new generation “hybrid” book when you buy the book you get the printed version and an online link to videos and test material.

IPPRA by Patti Andrich

Primitive reflex activity and immature postural reflexes can have a significant impact on thequality of life. The presence of primitive reflex activity beyond the typical period of infancy oftencontributes to a slew of behavior/emotional, academic/cognitive, motor coordination, sensoryregulation, and/or anxiety issues. Coping with adverse effects of aberrant reflex activity is notlimited to children. Some adults, often unknowingly, also cope with residual reflex activity. Whenaberrant reflex activity continues to be present through adulthood or remerges at some pointduring the lifespan, one may have difficulty performing daily tasks.
The Indicators of Primitive and Postural Reflexes Assessment (IPPRA) provides a repeatabletesting and scoring system that quantifies qualitative data. The testing procedures describe how the examiner is to position the individual being tested,

for each of the reflex tests. Individuals assume specific postures and are then prompted to movethrough specific motions. The examiner observes the physical and emotional responses to each ofthe tests. The IPPRA provides video examples for scoring.

Another special feature of the IPPRA is the “Abnormal Observations’’ lists. These lists guidethe examiner’s observations to uncover the most common physical and emotional reactions tothe testing probes. These observation guides will help the novice examiner learn what to look forwhen evaluating individuals. These lists are meant to serve only as a guide. With experience, theexaminer may note other abnormal responses that are not listed in the IPPRA.

Yet another special feature of the IPPRA is the use of videos to enhance the text. You willhave access to over 30 videos demonstrating over 25 procedures.

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