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Jillian’s Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life


by Robin and Jillian Benoit

Author and mother, Robin Benoit, had no idea that her then five-year old daughter, Jillian, had a vision problem until a birthday party with a pirate theme shocked her into reality. One of the mothers at the party put a pirate’s eye patch over Jillian’s ‘good’ eye, effectively blinding the little girl. A trip to an ophthalmologist discovered that she had amblyopia. Using traditional ophthalmologic treatment, acuity in the amblyopic eye improved significantly. However as a 4th grader, following three years of home schooling, Jillian was falling behind in the regular classroom. Robin suspected a continuing vision problem but the MD found acuity at adequate levels. Following an exhaustive internet search Robin “discovered” Vision Therapy and a nearby OEP Clinical Associate, Dr. James Horning who provided vision therapy to Jillian. Even though her acuity had improved, Jillian had a significant visual processing problem that was improved through VT.

A moving story, well written and easy for parents, teachers and other lay people to read and understand, Jillian’s Story is an excellent example of the difference between ophthalmologic and optometric treatment approaches. An excellent addition for your patient library, Clinical Associates will want to have additional copies available for local libraries, educators and parents. Successful, satisfied patients tell our story better than we could ever hope to.


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