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Learning Problems and Neuro-Developmental Delay


By Peter Blythe, Ph.D., and Sally Goddard, N.D.T.

“Learning disabled,” “hyperactive,” “Attention Deficit Syndrome child” are the labels carelessly attached to any child who does not function well in the classroom. To give these children more of the same methods which have failed before is a waste of time. We must look to see what skills – in hearing, vision and hand-eye coordination – the children lack and then find ways to improve these functions. Using recent research which attests to the plasticity of the brain and know-how based on decades of research on the impact of the reflexes on the development of children, the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology has developed a standardized method of evaluating the reflex structure of a child. Part I: Background and Rationale, Part II: Reflex Evaluation Techniques and the Impact of the Reflex, Part III: Case Histories and Controlled Studies. DVD Format 89 minutes.

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