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MOTOR CONTROL: Translating Research into Clinical Practice, 3rd Edition


By Anne Shumway-Cook and Marjorie W. Woollacott Motor Control is the only text to bridge the gap between current motor control research and its applications to clinical practice. It gives you a full arsenal of best-evidence tools and information to examine, diagnose, and treat patients who have problems with balance, mobility, and upper extremity function. After a review of the latest theories of motor control, motor learning, and recovery of function, students are provided with a conceptual framework for clinical practice and a practical framework for understanding and examining impairments in patients with neurological deficits. Armed with a solid foundation, students then build a thorough understanding of motor control issues as they relate to posture and balance, mobility, and upper extremity function. For each of these three key areas, the authors discuss normal control processes, age-related issues, abnormal function, and the clinical applications of current research. Highlights and Features— • Assessment and treatments are classified into impairment levels, strategy levels, and functional levels for easy reference. • Drawings, charts, tables, and photographs help students visualize and better understand postural control and functional mobility. • Laboratory activities and case studies reinforce and apply key concepts to patients with different diagnoses. Hardbound, 614 pages.

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