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Myth of the ADD Child


By Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D. – This is the first book of its kind to squarely challenge the mislabeling of millions of children as Attention Deficit Disordered and to question the overuse of psychoactive drugs in treating children’s hyperactivity. Dr. Armstrong believes that many behaviors labeled as A.D.D. are in fact a child’s active response to complex social, emotional and educational influences. He believes that by tackling the root causes of a child’s attention and behavior problems, rather than masking the symptoms with medication and behavior modification programs, parents can help their children begin to experience fundamentally positive changes in their lives. The book is divided into two parts. The first part, Uncovering the A.D.D. Myth gives a background on A.D.D., including chapters on ritalin, America’s new learning disease and more. The second part of the book provides 50 innovative, proven and safe ways to help a child develop lifelong internal controls that involve every aspect of a child’s development from education and cognition to biology, culture and visualization. Also included are hundreds of resources. Softbound, 303 pages.

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