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Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing


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Dr. Marc Grossman, OD
Comprehensive guide to caring for your eyes. This 799 page book, Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing, is a comprehensive guide to 48 vision conditions, supported by more than 2000 research studies and 48 color illustrations. It includes conventional and complementary approaches to conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, floaters, retinitis pigmentosa, and many other eye conditions. It discusses additional approaches such as traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure, yoga, eye exercises, diet, nutrients, and explains the basics of vision health, antioxidants and inflammation in laymen’s terms. This is a guide for the everyday user who wants to support vision health, and health care professionals looking for a holistic approach for vision care and its relation to overall health.

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