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Neurovision Rehabilitation Guide


Authors: Amy Chang, Steven E. Ritter, and Xiao Xi Yu
Published by CRC Press – 2016.
Paperback – 149 Pages – 98 B/W Illustrations

Neurovision Rehabilitation Guide is a valuable resource for the health care professional working with patients with visual dysfunction as a consequence of traumatic brain injury and neurological disorders. It covers the concepts of visual dysfunction as well as assessment and step-by-step treatment plans.

The guide covers the neurology of visual processing before and after a brain injury. It explains the concepts behind neurovision rehabilitation and how to go about examining and treating the patient’s visual deficits. It also covers the evaluation of visual perceptual deficits and treatment of the traumatic brain injury patient.

The guide contains more than 80 vision therapy procedures, with step-by-step instructions as well as sequencing guides for each category of therapy (oculomotor, accommodation, binocular, perceptual).

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