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Notes On A Dynamic Theory of Vision, by Darell Boyd Harmon


A theory is constructed from an evaluation of the existing facts in any given area in order to bring meaning to that area, provide direction for the acquisition of more facts, & furnish guidance to those who would apply both facts & accompanying concepts in solving problems. Being conceptional, a theory alone is never right or wrong – it is merely applicable or inapplicable in solving certain problems at the level of the solution required. Up to now the only formally stated theory of vision is one which is largely optical. An optical theory of vision may be adequate & applicable to problems in the fields of eye anatomy, eye surgery, physiological optics, or refraction. That is beside our point here, Advancing research in human function has brought with it the development of present-day concepts of the significance of the total organism in the processes of growth in development, in theories of learning, in human performance, & in applications of dynamics to problems of human behavior. An optical theory of vision is inadequate & inapplicable in studying the function & operations of vision related to these & comparable areas. An optical theory is atomistic &, at times, static. These newer areas require a broader, holistic, & dynamic theory of vision. These notes are an effort to sketch out some observations which the author believes must be taken into account in constructing such a dynamic theory of vision.

Part 1: Vision: Is It Perceptual Only?; Some Preliminary Observations & Conclusions; Some Further Conclusions; “Higher” & “Lower” Functions; Some Basic Considerations; If Vision Includes Performance; Vision Must Serve Two Functions

Part 2: Role of Posture & Movement In Vision; Developing a Dynamic Theory of Vision; Light Gradient Detector; A Sighting Mechanism; A Spatial Frame of Reference; A Space Analyzer; The Role Of Posture In Vision. Sftbnd/266 pgs.

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