OEP Retinoscopy Set

OEP Retinoscopy Set

Flipper set with included acrylic holder. These four flippers have been the flipper powers of choice used by the OEP Clinical Curriculum instructors. This set has been specifically selected with near retinoscopy in mind. Many of the procedures call for binocularly balanced lenses to be placed in front of the patient’s eyes during the testing. The powers most often needed are in this set.

One handle has a pair of +0.50 on one side and a pair of +0.75 on the other. The second handle has matched pairs of +1.00 and +1.25 lenses. The third pair includes matched pairs of +1.50 and +1.75 while the fourth pair is the ubiquitous +2.00 and -2.00 flipper used by many for accommodative rock testing. In some instances with hyperopes you can combine two of the flippers to quickly have +3.50 spheres to use in front of their eyes without having to take the time to break out your trial lens set.


The lenses are durable and will last for years. Includes attractive holder.