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Optometric Management of Learning-Related Vision Disorders, Second Edition


By Mitchell M Scheiman and Michael W Rouse

This book explores the relationship between vision and learning and the role of optometrists in the assessment and management of learning related vision problems. It discusses normal child development, the learning process, learning disabilities, the relationship between vision and learning, and models for managing vision problems affecting learning. Key Features: Presents an organized, easy-to-follow approach to the diagnosis and treatment of learning-related vision problems; Each chapter contains key terms and chapter review questions making it more appealing to the student and instructor; Includes appendices containing sample reports, sample questionnaires, sample letters, a bibliography, and case histories; Well respected authors and contributors provide authoritative coverage of the topic. New to this Edition: Expanded information on the use of colored lenses and reading; New chapter on reading disorders that covers how children learn to read, teaching methods, optometric assessment, and management of dyslexia; Chapters have been updated with new computer software options, including computer aided vision therapy, perceptual home therapy system, and temporal visual processing program; Updated testing battery, including new tests, visual processing speed, and optometric use of IQ screening tests such as K-BIT; Expanded coverage of psycho education evaluation includes substantial updates with new test instruments, such as WISC; Substantial revisions based on literature review for last 10 years. New and updated illustrations.

Softbound, 768 pages.

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