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Optometric Management of Nearpoint Vision Disorders


By Martin H. Birnbaum, O.D.

This is the only comprehensive text available on the management of functional vision disorders which covers theory, diagnosis and management, including vision therapy; devoted to the clinical management of patients with functional vision disorders, including vergence and accommodative disorders, oculomotor dysfunction, incipient and progressing myopia, and vision disorders related to reading and classroom performance. Dr. Birnbaum’s text is unique in that it thoroughly covers and compares behavioral, functional and traditional models of vision therapy and lens prescribing, including theoretical frameworks and clinical application. He provides in-depth descriptions of the OEP model, based on the work of Skeffington and Harmon, and its clinical regimens, and relates behavioral and OEP approaches to traditional models and to current research. Clinical regimens for nearpoint lens prescribing and vision therapy for patients with various nearpoint disorders are described in great detail. Softbound, 450 pages.

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