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Optometric Vision Therapy: The Need in Minority Populations


Optometric Vision Therapy: The Need in Minority Populations

by James E. Washington, OD, MPA with Leonard J. Press, OD

This text reflects the life’s work of Dr. James E. Washington, one of the pioneers of optometric vision therapy in the minority community in the United States. Dr. Washington sets the stage for discussion of this crucial topic by presenting a broader model of vision beyond eyesight. Viewed in the context of vision development, the public health crisis that is upon us becomes readily apparent.

Topics covered in this text include the interrelationships between vision and learning, literacy, nutrition, acquired brain injury, and juvenile delinquency. The subject matter cuts across many lines, with substandard visual care being traced to sources such as poverty and lack of information, but does not end there. A formula is offered for improving awareness as well as intervention services.

Blending public health issues and insights into the complexities of the visual system, opportunities to make a profound impact on the resilience and performance of our minority populations are presented. While the text is not a primer for optometric vision therapy procedures, it presents enough information for the reader to become conversant with the passion and determination that Dr. Washington had to elevate awareness of this important subject in minority



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* This publication was an OEP Clinical Associate enrollment benefit item in 2015 *

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