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Primary Mental Abilities – Complete Set


The Perceptual Speed Subtest is a paper and pencil test that requires the patient to rapidly perceive subtle differences in similar forms. There are four sample items and 50 test items for the 2-4 level where the patient is required to mark two of four figures in a row that are exactly alike. In the 4-6 version, the patient must find two to four figures that are alike and use a separate answer sheet. There are four sample items and 40 test items. Both tests have a five minute time limit. The Spatial Relations Subtest is also a paper and pencil test that requires the patient to visually manipulate parts of a square. The patient is shown an incomplete “square” and must determine which of four possible responses will complete the square. The correct answer may or may not be in proper spatial orientation, so the patient must mentally rotate the parts. The 2-4 grade level version is contained in a booklet and there are four samples and 27 test items. The 4-6 grade level version has a separate answer sheet and has four sample items and 25 test items. There is a six minute time limit for each test. The test kit includes: 1 manual; 25 Perceptual Speed Tests, grades 2-4; 10 Perceptual Speed Tests, grades 4-6; 25 Spatial Relations Tests, grades 2-4; 10 Spatial Relations Tests, grades 4-6; 10 answer sheets, grades 4-6 (for both tests).

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