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Red Flags for Elementary Teachers


By Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson is a teacher of young children, and her passion is to open up for them the world of reading and writing.

For many years, Katie Johnson believed that grammar and languages were the most fascinating part of her life, and teaching children to write was her focus as a teacher. For the past fifteen years that fascination has been edged aside by learning about developmental movement and vision and how they affect the lives of her primary-age public school students. Katie presents her discoveries in her latest book, Red Flags for Elementary Teachers.

The book is organized into three parts: What I See, What I Do, and What I Have Learned. Each child is presented in a story, a short vignette of classroom life, described in an informal retelling of what the child does that makes Katie concerned about their vision – that is, a red flag. Each child in the book presents a different problem, either a problem of vision or a problem of developmental patterning: tracking; double vision; skipping lines in a book; writing in a triangle down the side of a page. In the “What I Do” section, Katie gives directions for activities that might help resolve or ay least improve this problem.

Paperback, 133 pages, Copyright 2014

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