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Rotator Discs/Wallach Rings (set of 9)


This set of 9 discs of varying designs, including Wallach Rings and red/green patterns, offers a variety of stimulating targets for use in the therapy room, for training rotations, fixation, accommodation and more. These 18″ round discs are printed on durable white PVC board and attach to the rotator with spring clips, or will attach to the Rotation Pegboard Machine using the Mounting Support Disc.

By using the Wallach Rings, you can provide the patient with the opportunity to have the necessary meaningful experiences to acquire the ability to learn that they are in control of their own vision. This activity is used to investigate the patient’s “ME”, “IT” relationship, letting them see that they can affect and control their vision. In the beginning, people will say “it” changed, or “it” went out of focus, etc. We want them to realize that “it” didn’t do anything, THEY did something which made it change.

Wallach Rings is a staple activity in every therapy program.

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