Price: $22.50

These winter-themed, whimsical images are a fun alternative to the standard convergence chart, and the full color images. The chart has the following suppression checks and 3D elements incorporated into the graphics: Reindeer...Suppression checks - Left ear and tail...3D effects - Nose and the bells on collar should pop out, the legs on the reindeer’s right side should drop back. Snowman...Suppression checks - Left hand holding the top hat and right hand holding the broom...3D effects - Carrot nose, scarf hanging down, and buttons on the snowman’s body should pop out. Penguin...Suppression checks - Left scarf, right wing/flipper and left foot...3D effects - Pom pom on hat should drop back, beak and cheeks on the penguin’s face and the scarf hanging in front of his body should pop out. Gift...Suppression checks - Left bow loop and ribbon on left and right sides of the box...3D effects - The corner of the box (in the center) should appear closer, the bow should be 3 dimensional with the left end of the bow’s ribbon appearing to come towards you. Pad of 50 charts in full color.