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Selected Works Of Nathan Flax, Volume 2: Strabismus & Amblyopia


I grew up in optometry reading the refreshingly straightforward articles of Nat Flax. He knows vision and optometric literature, and he does not hesitate to offer his opinion. Honest debate is the mark of a mature profession and a mature professional. Such is Nat Flax.
— W.C. Maples, OD

It is only because a pin drop could be heard whenever Dr. Flax spoke or lectured, such was the esteem in which he was held, that we tend to forget how well he communicated in print. As was the case in Volume 1 of his selected works, digesting the papers in Volume 2 on Strabismus and Amblyopia will remind the reader that Nat was not ahead of his time on these subjects. Rather, the time was defined by his thinking.
— Leonard J. Press, OD

Nathan Flax is an innovative and clear thinker, a committed and influential teacher, a prolific writer, and the consummate clinician. The concepts and clinical insights that he proposed have stood the test of time and are as valid today as when they were written. Nat’s teaching, writing and lecturing have significantly influenced two generations of behavioral optometrists and have resulted in improved patient care for tens of thousands of patients.
— Robert Sanet, OD

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