The Trade-Offer Forward Chain should be between these two contacts at the dealership…  Jim Crosswell  – General Manager – DOES NOT WANT HIS EMAIL ON THE CHAIN, JUST HIS NAME   Aaron Hendershot – General Sales Manager:  *Aaron Hendershot’s  email should be the one forwarding the chain to the consumer, and his email should also be the email the consumer can reply directly to

By Donald J. Getz, OD. from the Introduction to Behavioral Optometry Series. Dr. Getz has adopted, adapted, modified and developed methods and techniques for the highly successful treatment of strabismus and amblyopia, drawing on the techniques of A.M. Skeffington and the Section on Child Vision Care of OEP, the work of John Pierce, O.D., William Ludlum, O.D., and others. This book details a simplified testing sequence to detect and design a regimen of treatment for amblyopia and strabismus. Compares cure rate of optometric vision therapy with non-optometric and surgical therapy and outlines the essential information to be obtained in the case history, diagnostic tests, application of lenses and prisms, occlusion, techniques for elimination of eccentric fixation, anomalous correspondence and suppression, insuring equal monocular skills, and much more. In addition, Dr. Getz covers the practice management aspects of strabismus training. Softbound, 122 pages.