Tools of Behav Vis Care: Lenses

By OEP Foundation, Various authors. Chapters included are: The Vision Development Process by Homer Hendrickson, OD; A Plus for You by Ellen Severtson, COVT and Anne Barber, OD; Treatment of Astigmatism and Myopia Using Lenses and Vision Therapy by Stephen Chase, OD; Crossed Cylinder Lenses: Applications from the Behavioral Viewpoint by Claude Valenti, OD; Occlusion: Conventional Therapy for Amblyopia; Binasal Occlusion by James Cox, OD; Oppenheimer Strips: Theory and Practice by Laura Toepfer, OD; Suggestions for “Anxiety/Panic Disorder” by C.J. Forkiotis, OD; Visible Light Filters in Optometric Diagnosis and Vision Therapy by James Mayer, OD. Also includes activities. Softbound, 90 pages.