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Universal Rotation Instrument (URI)


This NEW instrument incorporates two units into one – RPM-1 Tabletop Pegboard Instrument and Distance Rotator training and testing option for up to 25 Feet. Used for training and testing. Viewing angle of the disc can be adjusted from 0-90 Degrees.

The unit can operate 0-100 RPM when it is used as RPM –1, Rotation Pegboard machine and will operate 0-50 RPM for remote operation. A special “Mounting Support Disc” was designed to to hold the large rotator discs securely while rotating. This instrument was designed with safety in mind by using a safety (NO) switch on the hand held controller. The switch must be held during the training/testing. While holding the remote controller, if the finger is removed from the safety switch, the rotation of the disc will stop immediately. Once the two switches on the side of the instrument are put into “ON” position, the direction of rotation and the speed are controlled by the remote handheld controller. The rotation speed can be observed on the front panel of the main instrument.

Includes: Instrument; Pegboard disc; 30 Pegs (10 Red/10 Green/10 White); Mounting Support Disc for 18” Rotation Targets (targets sold separately) – includes screws and Allen wrench, remote handheld controller with 25 foot cable. Power required 120 Volts AC, 60Hz.

Unit is produced in the USA and delivery time is at the present 3-4 weeks.

993 in stock (can be backordered)


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