Vision Builder Home Version 3

*Special Pricing Options*

Multiple Copy Discounts:
2-9 $100.00 each
10 or more $60.00 each

For VisionBuilder Office users:

If you buy 10 or more copies of VisionBuilder Home you receive a FREE copy of the newest version of VisionBuilder Office.

This is to help get all offices upgraded to the newest version that matches the Home versions you will be dispensing to your patients.

Note! This offer applies to clinics that do not already have a VisionBuilder Office Serial Key. If you already have an Office Serial Key you can simply download the latest version from the link below

VisionBuilder is a Windows based vision therapy program. 

VisionBuilder offers many features including binocular activities using red/blue glasses, reading related activities, and visual performance related activities.

VisionBuilder is supported by an international website where updates of the program are accessible to all registered users for download as they become available.

VisionBuilder supports all versions of Microsoft Windows. The Home Version is licensed for use on one computer. When you order VisionBuilder, you will receive a serial key and instructions for download and installation via email. You will also be mailed a pair of red/blue glasses. Instructions for individual activities are found within the Help files in the program.

NOTICE TO THE CONSUMER: VisionBuilder is available through a qualified optometrist. The VisionBuilder program is designed to be an adjunct tool used as part of a comprehensive optometric vision therapy program. Your optometrist will give you guidance as to which parts of the program are best suited to your specific needs and as such should be the one to tell you what levels and settings would be best for you and the continued development of your visual abilities. You may use VisionBuilder as a tool to improve your visual abilities, but the use of any computer program will never replace the need for a comprehensive vision therapy program. 

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