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Vision, Perception & Cognition, Fourth Edition


Vision Perception and Cognition, Fourth Edition is a concisely structured text that expertly addresses clinical reasoning and decision making for the entire evaluation and treatment process of the adult with acquired brain injury. Provided are theoretical information, guidelines for both static and dynamic assessment, information on specific standardized evaluations, guidelines for adaptive and restorative treatment based on described theoretical and evidence-based information, and information on environmental impact of client performance. Inside this best-selling book, Barbara Zoltan, MA, OTR/L addresses visual, perceptual, and cognitive evaluation and treatment, providing structure, clarity, and content suitable for both students and experienced clinicians. Updated and expanded to reflect current practice and relevant research, Vision, Perception, and Cognition, Fourth Edition is a unique resource that takes the reader from theory to practice in a practical and detailed way. Students and clinicians will benefit from the numerous tables, figures, and extensive references presented throughout the text, as well as the inclusion of a glossary, for easy reference to terminology used throughout Vision, Perception, and Cognition, Fourth Edition. Faculty will be impressed by the addition of an on-line instructor’s manual for additional classroom learning objectives and activities. Component areas covered include: • Primary visual skills • Apraxia and agnosia • Visual discrimination skills • Orientation • Attention • Memory • Self-awareness and monitoring • Planning and organization • Problem solving and decision making • Categorization • Mental flexibility • Abstraction • Generalization and transfer • Acalculia New topics addressed in this Fourth Edition: • Constraint-induced therapy • Brain plasticity/Functional reorganization • Neuroimaging • Specific occupation-based models and evaluations • Contextual influence on client performance • Client-centered practice • Client learning capacity • Clinical reasoning • Interviewing • Standardization • Visual vestibular processing • Pupillary response • Contrast sensitivity Whether you are a student or clinician in the area of occupational therapy, physical therapy, neuropsychology, optometry, or speech pathology, Vision, Perception, and Cognition: A Manual for the Evaluation and Treatment of the Adult with Acquired Brain Injury, Fourth Edition will continue to be an invaluable resource for exploring theory and practice in the evaluation and treatment processes. Hardbound, 368 pages.

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