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VisionBuilder Office


VisionBuilder Office is a web-based therapy program for use in clinics or institutions by eye care professionals. VisionBuilder offers many features including binocular activities using red/blue glasses, reading related activities, and visual performance related activities. VisionBuilder Office can be used on all computers in your office. It will keep track of the results for in-office activities for multiple patients.

System requirements

VisionBuilder requires an Internet connection. VisionBuilder will run on any device, but many of the activities will require the use of a keyboard and mouse.

Patient monitoring

It is possible to monitor VisionBuilder Home users results and change many settings for the Home users from VisionBuilder Office.

Ordering license

When you order VisionBuilder Office, you will receive a license key and instructions for getting started by email. You will also be mailed a pair of red/blue glasses. Instructions for individual activities are found within the Help files in the program.

NOTICE TO THE CONSUMER: Sales of VisionBuilder Office is restricted to eye care professionals only.

The VisionBuilder Office license key comes with a service plan for 2 years from the date of user activation. Discounts or extended service plans will be available in conjunction with the purchase of VisionBuilder Home for your patients.

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