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Today, one in four school-age children are painfully limited in their reading and learning
ability by a condition they can't tell they have. Often confused with ADHD, dyslexia, slow learning or worse, this undetected condition can injure self esteem as it hinders your bright child in academics, sports and social development. But new tools not commonly found in schools and eye doctors' offices can reveal the problem, which can then be treated for life-changing results.

“I know my child is bright; why doesn't school work show it? What's wrong?” This anguished cry is ringing from the hearts of many parents across the globe. They see undeniable evidence of their children's competence in so many areas – their quick thinking, conversational abilities, and eagerness to learn – and yet the reading skills so critical to success in school simply fail to develop. The parents' quest for an explanation, for treatment, for a solution seem to drag out forever because each day they must watch their child falling further behind, slowly losing that youthful self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

But it doesn't have to be this way. A few lucky parents have discovered the secrets of their child's learning difficulties, and for them, the world has changed. In a matter of months, they watch their child's progress in Vision Therapy blossom into progress in all areas of life: from an awakening to the joys of reading to confidence in school; from a new ability to catch a ball, to success in sports; from a sense of being different and excluded to a fresh start and zest for life.

These lucky parents discovered the secret and found the solution they were looking for, and now it's your turn. With Dr. Spinozzi as your guide, you'll discover how something can go wrong with your child's vision and remain undetected, why 20/20 vision isn't enough, how you can test your child yourself, how the problem can be corrected, and where to turn for therapy. You'll find it's not too late to turn back the tide and reveal your child's true potential – and enjoy the happy results for a lifetime.

In this book you will learn: How something can go wrong with your child's vision and remain undetected; Why 20/20 vision isn't enough; How Vision Therapy rebuilds young lives; How to test your child at home.

Hardbound, 146 pages.