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When Your Child Struggles


By David L. Cook, OD. The Solution to Any One of These Six Questions Might Change Your Child’s Life: – Is your child frustrated and struggling in school even though you know he or she is bright? – Does homework, which should take minutes, drag on all evening? – Is your child a better reader on the first pages, starting out fine then squirming or wanting to get away? – Is it difficult for your child to get thoughts down on paper even though he or she does well verbally? – Is your child’s frustration in school causing him/her to be labeled with “attention deficit” even though attention is good when listening rather than using his/her eyes? – Does your child have an eye that drifts or is lazy and affects depth perception, coordination or schoolwork? IF YOU RECOGNIZED YOUR CHILD in any of the above, then read this book. Learn how you can detect if your child is struggling unnecessarily and find out where to turn for help. Softbound, 174 pages.

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