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Wold Sentence Copying Test


Used to determine if a child has the ability to rapidly and accurately copy a sentence from top to bottom of page. Pad of 50 forms. Includes instruction sheet and “The Wold Sentence Copy Test & Academic Performance” by W.C. Maples, article reprint with updated norms from the Journal of Behavioral Optometry.

Wold Sentence Copy Test – Disclaimer

The Wold Sentence Copy Test (WSCT) was developed by Dr. Robert Wold to supplement optometric evaluations by providing an opportunity to observe behaviors related to copying text.

The grade equivalent scores provided with the test have never been validated, standardized, or found to be reliable by any normative studies and may significantly overestimate a child’s grade equivalent ability on copying text. The scores do not reflect handwriting legibility.

For these reasons the WSCT should not be used to determine student eligibility for any special education or related services, removal of eligibility for services, nor for altering or discontinuing the services a student receives.

The (WSCT) can be used only as a general benchmark of progress within a broader program of treatment, which should use more comprehensive goals.

The Optometric Extension Program Foundation and any of its representatives are not responsible for the improper use of this test by any organization or individual.

Adopted 4/30/2015 by the OEP Board of Directors

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