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Word Tracking: High Frequency Words


By Betty Lou Kratoville – The benefits derived from word tracking tasks include visual iscrimination and recognition, left-to-right progression, elimination of reversals and omissions. With word tracking, the learner does not look at each letter or symbol individually, but scans the line of printed material for the correct word. All of the Word Tracking books are reproducible. The High-Frequency Words book uses the Francis-Kucera word list to familiarize learner with the 1,092 most frequently used words in the English language. The Proverbs and Limericks book use both proverbs and limericks to help the learner scan the line of printed material for the correct word. The learner does not have to be able to read all of the words for effective visual training; he will be able to match them with the model given at the top of the page. The High Frequency Functional Words book emphasizes common words from a variety of life skill topics, including health, transportation, food, etc.

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