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You Can Improve Your Vision


by Robert Kraskin, ODThis book, written for the public, is a classic that is still as timely as it was when first released in the clarity with which it shares insights into the visual process. Bob makes, what for most of us is difficult to share, his points with ease and with many very clear demonstrations what the reader can do at home or on the go to help them truly know how to improve their vision. As Bob used to like to say so often, “The past is prologue to the future.” This book was enough ahead of its time that it is still timely now as it was then. I hope that you find this useful in your communication with your patients. I envisioned this on your book shelves, but more importantly in your reception area and being given out and circulated in your community. Consider getting a few extra copies for local Libraries. Softbound, 97 pages.

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