Regional Clinical Seminars

Regional Clinical Seminars are two day, comprehensive seminars on specific topics of interest hosted by volunteer regional coordinators.

Seminars are presented by professionals in the field and all presentations have been reviewed and approved by the OEP Education Committee.

Examples of current topics available include: sports vision, nutrition, autism, prescribing, myopia, strabismus, and MANY more.

Typically, these are scheduled as a regional coordinator learns of interest in certain topics. Please browse the attached listing of current seminars you can choose from and contact your regional coordinator if you are interested in bringing a seminar to your region.

International associates, please contact us if you'd like to establish an RCS site in your region! Contact the OEP Office!  Call 410.561.3791 or email Dana Miller: for more information.

National RCS Coordinator:

Diane Serex-Dougan, OD
Baltimore, Maryland

US Locations


Randy Schulman, OD Southport, Connecticut (Metro NYC)
Tod Davis, OD Gainesville, Virginia (Metro DC)
Debra Shim, OD Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lynnette Burgess, OD Grand Rapids, Michigan
Fred Brecheen, OD Plano (Metro Dallas), Texas
Julie Toon, OD Kansas City, Kansas
Jane Philbrook, OD Kansas City, Kansas
Kristi Kading, OD Kirkland (Metro Seattle), Washington
Elizabeth Heaston, OD Richland, Washington


Brent Neufeld, OD Calgary, Alberta
Rick Thompson, OD Brampton, Ontario
Patricia Fink, OD Burlington, Ontario


ACBO, Veronica Kypros