To become a fully accredited OEPF faculty instructor, candidates have to go through a rigorous selection and screening process, and this starts even before being admitted as an instructor-in-training. The whole qualification process from start to finish to become an OEPF instructor takes approximately 8 to 10 years or more to become qualified to teach OEPF clinical curriculum courses. To qualify for all four courses the time will be even longer and requires a rigorous investment of time and resources from all OEPF faculty.

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The Art & Science of Optometric Care - How everything simply linked together. The AH-HA moments. The tools and now at our hands reach to build on, to experiment with and to marvel at the change that's possible in each and every person's life. I'm very excited. So COOL 🙂

Speakers easy to follow, held my attention, concise to the point presenter.

Dr Geoff did a wonderful job at changing my model of vision. Like him, I was ready to let go whatever school model of vision was with me. It completely changed my perspective in prescribing and excited to put it into practice back at the clinic. I can say that I am more confident in prescribing now, knowing the power ranges available, and that there is no specific lens for each person. Like he always say, "It's not what the lens does to a person, but what the person does to a lens". I understood vision in a behavioral perspective and answered my 'whys' to every patient case I have encountered.
September 2021
The Art & Science of Optometric Care – That the behavioral model of optometry has been around for so long and yet many of us were not taught this way in school.
Briana Bohn, OD
January 2022
The Art & Science of Optometric Care - I loved working through the Skeffington model and attaching meaning to the realm of optometry and treating the patient as a whole organism rather than just treating the eyes.
Vassiliki Prattas, OD
January, 2022
The Art & Science of Optometric Care – Neurology side of things
Kath Twort, OD
January 2022
The Art & Science of Optometric Care – This was a very informative course. I learned a new way of looking at patients and cases. I know it's only the first step but I have already introduced changes to my exam.
Alisa Mandel, OD
February 2023
The Art & Science of Optometric Care – Art & Science course is truly an eye-opener. I’ve learned more in just 5 days than I did in optometry school about vision therapy and the 21-point exam. I realized we were interpreting the 21-point exam the wrong way.
Shane Samillan, OD
February 2023
VT/Visual Dysfunctions – (VT-1) - It was interesting to learn about procedures that I was not familiar with, and also how to adjust a procedure or program for a child vs. and adult vs. an athlete, vs. a child with learning challenges. It was also wonderful to see a variety of "patients" performing the procedures during the course, both adults and children, and to hear and see their responses (especially since we were not able to have the experience in person).
Cathleen Doucette, OD
February 2022
VT/Visual Dysfunctions – (VT-1) - I want to add VT into my practice and felt this would best prepare me.
Sarah Moreau, OD
February 2022
VT/Learning Related Visual Problems – (VT-2) - I attended VT1 and realized I needed to know more.
Jamie Kueber, OD
February 2022
VT/Learning Related Visual Problems – (VT-2) - Variations of treatment techniques and protocols for different practices.
Laura King
April 2022
VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3) - I find the theory behind hyperopia very interesting as it is very different from what I learned at school but I like this way of thinking much more. And getting to see the therapy demonstrated in real time is always great to better understand.
Lindsay Gallowitz, OD
April 2022
VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3) - The idea that many vertical deviations are a result of a horizontal strabismus, and can improve when the horizontal component is taken care of.
Jennifer Sanchez, OD
April 2022
VT/Strabismus and Amblyopia – (VT-3) - Although I know that I still have a lot to learn on the subject, I feel that I am more equipped to start to treat those patients. The practical portion.
Francine Gauthier, OD
April 2022
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